Planning the Perfect Kids Birthday Party

Planning any party can be a huge headache if you aren’t prepared. It can be a big undertaking and cause a lot of stress. What can you do to make the process less painful? With proper planning, you can plan a kids’ birthday party and minimise stress. The key is to start early and have it at a great venue, like a bowling centre.

Make a Plan and Stick to It

Begin planning six weeks before the scheduled date. At this point, you should choose the theme. This will help to close the decorations, invitations and activities. This is also the best time to confirm the guest list and the date. Lastly, reserve the bowling centre by calling or booking online if that’s available. When you communicate with the establishment, find out details like menu options, decorations and other party options they offer.

Four weeks before, you should write out the invitations and mail them. Also, plan the activities for the event and menu. Have your child pick their favourite games and food and work with the venue to coordinate the schedule for the day. At three weeks before the event, buy the decorations, party goods and goody bags. One or two weeks before the event call all the guests who have not confirmed their attendance to see if they will be attending. Lastly, order the cake.

Three days before the event, purchase the final accessories you will need to play any games. Grab the party hats or any other last-minute items, one or two days before picking up the cake.

With proper planning, you can alleviate stress and focus on the event. Following these step-by-step instructions gives you a map for success. Remember, a perfect venue is your local bowling alley because they offer tons of activities, food and games for all of your guests.

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