Playing Irish Pool For Beginners

If you’re headed to the bowling centre soon, you may be curious about playing pool. It’s an exciting game that can be super challenging and a lot of fun for people young and old. If you have never played pool, knowing the basics of the game will make your first game a lot easier. We’ll share a few details that you may not know so you can take on an opponent for the first time without worrying you don’t have a grasp on things.


The Basics of Irish Pool


Pool in Ireland is different from pool that is played in other regions. The table itself is only about 75% of the size of an American table and the balls have similar proportions. In addition, the balls are only three colours: black, yellow, and red. Another unique aspect of Irish pool is that many locations have their own rules. That means what might be appropriate at one bowling centre may not be the same at another location.


Object of the Game


As with other forms of pool, the idea is to use a cue stick and white cue ball to hit the balls into the table pockets. The cue should hit a red or yellow ball, depending on which are yours, and move it directly or indirectly into one of the six pockets of the table. Once you or your opponent has managed to sink all of the balls of the right colour, pocketing the black ball leads to winning the game.


Taking Turns


Players alternate between taking turns. If a player manages to pocket a ball without causing a foul, they continue their turn. At the point where a ball isn’t pocketed, the opponent’s ball is pocketed, or a foul is committed, the player’s turn is over and moves to the other person. Shooting and pocketing the cue ball is also cause for a turn to end.


Black Ball


Before trying to pocket the final black ball, the player must state which pocket they will be shooting for. If they make it into the correct pocket, they win the same. If not, play goes back to the opponent.


This should get you started with your first game of pool at a bowling centre. As you play more games, you’ll begin to discover new ways to keep ahead of the team or person you are playing against. Just remember to have fun and take things slow, it can take time to become a skilled player.

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