Tips for Hosting a Science Themed Birthday Party

Do you have a budding scientist in the house? If so, there’s nothing like a science-themed birthday party to blow their socks off on the special day. You can have a party for the little girl or boy at your home or pick an exciting venue like a bowling centre with laser tag so the kids can burn off some energy before the cake is cut. We’ll share some tips for how to make this a party that will never be forgotten by the birthday kid and guests alike.

Party Goody Bags

Everyone likes to bring home a party goody bag from a birthday party and that’s no different if you’re going with a scientist theme. Some snacks that work well with the theme are cake pops, gummy worms served in Petri dishes and cookies that are shaped like flasks. You could even go with plastic lab tubes filled with Skittles or chocolate candies. Things like magnifying glasses, slime, and nerdy glasses are also perfect fits.

Costumes for the Kids

Want to make the party even more immersive? Pick up some cheap lab coats for kids and let each child wear one. Depending on the party location, you could even make this a fun crafting activity where the kids use paint and glitter to jazz up the coats. If that’s not possible, the kids can always take the coats home after and use them for playtime.

Food for the Party

There are lots of options going with the science-themed birthday party vibe. Candies in flasks, colourful drinks, and gummy animals are simple. You can go with cupcakes in various colours and make some gummy labware to place on top of the frosting. The bowling centre will have things like chicken nuggets and sandwiches to go with the sweet treats you bring to make the party a hit. If you want a traditional cake, think about putting the periodic table on top of it so it fits your theme.

Party Decoration Ideas

A simple white tablecloth will make your colourful treats stand out or you can choose one with a science design. Get a backdrop of your little scientist’s favourite subject and use that to tie everything in together. That might be an anatomy poster, collage of reptiles, or a colourful poster of geodes. That combined with the lab flasks full of candy will really pull the room together.

Putting together an excellent birthday party doesn’t have to be a ton of trouble. Make a reservation for a party table at your favourite bowling centre and get things started. You won’t have to do all the planning and can instead enjoy the fun along with the youngsters.

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